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If youʼre involved in your companyʼs internet marketing, then youʼve probably heard the term, “landing pages”. A landing page, or a lead capture page, is the page that a potential customer arrives at after clicking on an advertisement or other link. The page should be related to the ad or link and also should contain a form for gathering information. A good landing page is the difference between getting a lead and getting a fly-by visitor, so make sure yours are up to snuff.

Our ebook is broken up into three chapters:

Chapter 1: The Principles of Landing Pages
” In this chapter we cover the basics of what landing pages are and what purpose they serve. They may seem trivial on the surface, but landing pages are crucial to any companyʼs internet marketing strategy.

Chapter 2: Building a Landing Page
” In this chapter we go in-depth on what constitutes a landing page. We cover the seven major aspects of their creation so that by the time youʼre done reading, youʼll be able to create pages that will definitely give your leads a boost.

Chapter 3: Conclusion and Resources
” In this chapter we highlight some of the most important facts you should have learned and provide you with resources if you need a little help moving forward with your own landing pages.

So if you want some information on landing pages and how to build them, or just want to compare your existing landing pages to our technique, follow this link to get a free copy of our ebook.

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