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Facebook has rapidly become one of the biggest players in the SEO field. Weʼve given you tips on how to make social network marketing work for you in the past, but itʼs time for an update. Facebook is implementing a major change by making their new Timeline layout compulsory. In the recent past, users could elect to change from the traditional layout, but as of early August, the social network switched everyone over.

So now, the big question is: What does this mean for my business page?

Thankfully, the change wonʼt be too dramatic, but it does require your attention. Here are a few of the big things you need to go and update as a result of the change:

Cover image: Youʼre cover image is the large graphic that will be the header for your new page. You still have the old profile picture, but the cover image is much bigger, coming in at 851 pixels wide by 315 high. Use this extra space to send a strong message about what it is your company does, but avoid including sales pitches. Itʼs considered tacky to use the space to sell or show pricing. Also, be sure you own whatever image you use. There have already been a few companies in trouble for using images without the proper permissions.

Tabs: Traditionally, you had multiple tabs on your business page that you could assign to whatever you wanted. Now, youʼre limited to four and the first is locked in for photos. These other three tabs are the appropriate place to list your products/services and pricing.

Milestones: Your Timeline has milestones. These should be important events in the life of your business. For the average user, a milestone is something like buying a house or getting married, so make sure youʼre milestones are analogous. A good business milestone is something like opening a new store.

Brand Name and Landing: With Timeline, you have one default landing page, so make sure it looks good. The same goes with your brand name, once you have 100 fans, youʼre not allowed to change it, so make sure you get it right the first time. The upside is that you are immediately granted a vanity URL, so be sure to take advantage of that!

Need help setting up your new Facebook Timeline? Maybe you’re sick of using Facebook altogether. Contact Wikimotive and we can handle it for you!

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