Will my site’s content stand the test of time?

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The Great Wall of China. Baker’s Pure Rye Whiskey. Wu-tang Clan. These things stand the test of time. But what about the content on your site? Will it stand the test of time and should it?
The answer is, “it depends”. Some of your content is likely to perform well for a very, very long time – while other content is only going to perform for a short time. What’s the difference? And why is there a difference?

Evergreen Content

If you’re not familiar with the term, think of the tree that it’s named after. It never sheds its leaves, so it looks green all the time. That means it stands the test of time. This type of content answers questions about your dealership, a specific product or service, and only needs to be updated if something changes. Now, that distinction is where you need to be a bit careful. For example, you’re always going to take care of your customers when it comes to parts, service, and financing, right? That’s a constant…making for perfect evergreen content.

Content About a Particular Make, Model, and Year?

That has the risk of becoming outdated relatively quickly because automakers are constantly updating things. Approach it in a way that allows that content to retain its value to a customer, whether the vehicle you’re writing about is a brand new arrival, or returning as a used model down the road.

Examples of Non-Evergreen Content?

Well, think of things that can change often such as infotainment – or the kind of remote software updates facilitated by companies like Tesla. These are just a couple of examples, but let’s be honest…automakers are constantly updating things. Trying to keep your content current on these types of ever-changing topics doesn’t sound like a great time. So, maybe don’t dedicate a full page to them. Instead, try including a CTA that directs visitors to your helpful, and well-informed staff, who’ll be readily available to provide them with the very latest information.


Different types of content will differ in terms of longevity. Aim to create evergreen content whenever possible, and pair time-sensitive / topical content with a call to action that puts prospective buyers in the helping hands of your team.