Automotive SEO: Google Blasts Sites That Regurgitate Content

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What does this mean to the future of Automotive SEO?

Google announced a major change to the google algorithm today. So what does it mean? This change has effected 11.8% of websites. The goal? To weed out “low quality” websites. “Sites that copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful.” I shudder to even quote google’s press release for fear that Wikimotive might be penalized!

I suspect that the algorithmic enhancement came from data collected from the Chrome Blocklist Extension. This is significant to automotive seo initiatives  which can have a tendency to use and proliferate similar content among dealers of the same brands.

Wikimotive will be very busy testing the ramifications of this new change. Stay tuned!


  1. This is a good thing in my mind. Less copying and a more organic ranking. No more of the biggest budget, best copier wins. Hopefully. I personally find your review of this change to be absolute fearmongering. If you honestly think that google will punish you for publishing their press release and didn’t even link to it for others to read you know pretty well that most of the automotive content and sites you are talking about will not be affected in the slightest. It will actually help legitimate sites and penalize site scraping hopefully.

    Just my two cents

  2. It isn’t fear mongering when in the weeks following this post many legitimate businesses in many verticals have publicly complained about how severely this change has impacted their business. Particularly when they weren’t using any black hat seo techniques to begin with!

    Thanks for commenting!

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