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It’s that time of month again, where we gather round and check out what search engines are doing well (Google) and which continue to die a slow, agonizing death punctuated only by the mournful cry of “you’ve got mail” (AOL). There aren’t a lot of surprises this month, but your SEO company will be interested in the continued trends, both upwards and downwards.

Let’s take a look.

These are the scores for may, and they’re compared against the scores for April and the scores for May of 2012, just to give you some idea of how things are trending.

  • Google: 66.7 percent (May) vs. 66.5 percent (April) vs. 66.7 percent (May 2012)
  • Bing: 17.4 percent (May) vs. 17.3 percent (April) vs. 15.4 percent (May 2012)
  • Yahoo: 11.9 percent (May) vs. 12 percent (April) vs. 13.4 percent (May 2012)
  • Ask: Google: 2.7 percent (May) vs. 2.7 percent (April) vs. 3 percent (May 2012)
  • AOL: 1.3 percent (May) vs. 1.4 percent (April) vs. 1.5 percent (May 2012)

As you can see, Google is pretty much holding steady. I doubt they are worried about the lack of growth considering they have about four times the market search as their nearest competitor.

Their nearest competitor is Bing, and they are still enjoying steady but slow growth. They’re definitely making a case to be included in your SEO strategies, but they aren’t quite worth spending too much time on yet.

Yahoo continues to slip away. An interesting note is that Yahoo mobile experienced a pretty good bump this month. We should have the mobile scores in their entirety later this week.

Bringing up the rear is and AOL. We aren’t sure who is still using these relics, but we assume they’re sneaking in a few quick searches between the barn-raisings and bringing their washboards down to the river.

Also, we made a graph. Here you can literally see the other search engines in Google’s immense shadow:


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