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There are a lot of articles and blogs out there offering things like “15 steps to optimize your site” or “10 things you need to change for the new Google updates” etc. The problem is most of these 15 steps are extraneous and skirt the real issue. If there is ONE thing you need to know about small business SEO it’s that content is everything. Of course there are no easy shortcuts, and no #1-on-google-in-a-week schemes that actually work. Doing SEO the right way takes commitment, hard work, planning and organization.

Although black hat SEO tactics may work for a short period of time Google is cracking down on them more than ever and the risk is much too high for the benefits. The problem is that even grey and white hat SEO’s tend to look for the easy way out.

The best way to accomplish your small business SEO goals is through creation of great optimized content. This has been reinforced by many of the recent Google algorithm updates. Formulating a clear plan of attack and committing to a content creation and syndication strategy can really boost your SEO to a whole new level. This also means maintaining and consistently posting to a blog and your three major social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. If you commit to good content creation and optimization you’ll have top search rankings in no time.

You also have to keep in mind that the content you are writing has to be relevant and interesting to read as well. Keyword stuffing a blog article is not going to help you bring traffic to your site and the same goes for trying to convert visitors once on your site. Context and relevancy are just as important as your keywords when writing optimized content. Google now reads the context of your content and evaluates it to see if it’s relevant to the reader.

Do you need help handling all of this content creation? Not sure what you should be writing about in your blog? Contact Wikimotive for a free evaluation of your current SEO strategies and advice on how you could be doing better.

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