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At this point, everyone is in agreement that Facebook is a great marketing tool, but almost no one is in agreement on how to use it best. There are self-proclaimed gurus by the thousands, books and blog posts galore, and all manner of conflicting education on the subject, so how do you know what actually works? It can be tough, real tough, but if you want to succeed in your digital marketing efforts, you need to get it right. To help you out, we’ve found an infographic that lays out some decent research on the subject. Let’s take a look at it now.

This infographic has a lot of interesting information, but like we always so, please don’t take it as gospel. Different strategies work differently depending on the industry and your fan-base, so consider this as a bit of reference material, not a straight how-to guide. For instance, they say don’t post too often, but some of the most successful pages we see post two or three times a day. The same is true for links, we’ve seen pages do very well sharing links on Facebook.

The real lesson here is to read this infographic, check out the points they are making, and then start experimenting on your own page until you find the perfect balance for your followers.


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