Facebook Pages Now Display Total Post Likes Under Notifications

Posted on by Erin Ryan
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Facebook is always evolving. As it’s being developed (by hundreds of developers across the world), not every change is publicly announced. Instead, most changes simply abruptly appear on Facebook.

One of the most recent changes that may have gone unnoticed is the newly added “total likes” for posts, now displayed under the notifications tab.

Facebook Page owners have become accustomed to scrolling through their managed pages to see how well shared posts have done for the day. This can particularly become time consuming for multiple page owners and marketers.

Facebook is now making it easier to see post interactions by adding the “total likes” of each post to the top of the page under “notifications,”  a spot many Facebook page owners check first when visiting their page.

Now, you will not only see the names of the people who have “liked” your posts–along with the recent likes–but you will also be able to see how many people in total who have liked each post.

Facebook Total Likes Notification

This new feature helps with the strategy of Facebook promoted posts. Any good marketer or page owner using Facebook Promoted Post Ads know that they last for approximately three days. Reviewing your posts and their engagement is often a good indicator of when you should post next on your Facebook page.

Therefore, the “total likes” addition can not only aid in helping you save time, it can also let you decide if your current post on your Facebook page should marinate within the Facebook algorithm longer or if it is time to add a new post to your page.

Of course, the three day rule to Facebook promoted posts is not set in stone; one must understand the page and learn the way the people who have “liked” the page usually “like” their posts. If you review the “total likes” and the amount of time the Facebook post has been posted and the “likes” are low, the best thing you can do for your page algorithmically is to post a new post to the page.

Total likes on your Facebook Page can help you with your ad strategy if used correctly. Get more from your posts and increase your page within the Facebook algorithm by utilizing this new feature.