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Google is about as consistent as the seas. As soon as you think you have a hold on just where you are and what you’re doing, the tide rolls out and leaves you stranded belly-deep on the beach. Melodramatic? Yes. Do we feel bad about it? Not in the slightest. Anyway, let us here at Wikimotive tell you the latest change that Google made this week, and how it may affect your business’s SEO efforts.

Do you know what Google instant preview is? OR SHOULD WE SAY, “WAS?” Yes, we should say “was,” because Google instant preview is being axed. Since it’s being axed because no one ever really used it, you may not know what we’re talking about. Well, instant preview was what you got when you clicked the little magnifying glass next to a search result. Did you ever do that? We didn’t either, but here’s what it would have looked like if we did:

Google Instant Preview

Google is replacing Instant Preview with a little drop-down arrow. In this little menu, you’ll be able to view cached, similar results, or share a page on Google+. We don’t have to give you an example of this one, it’s live right now. Think of something awesome to search for and really go crazy with it.

What does this change mean for your SEO? We wouldn’t worry about it. Some people are concerned that it will limit the value of their rich snippets, but the reality is that Google is getting rid of the feature because it just wasn’t getting used. So people continuing to not use it in the future shouldn’t get you too worried.




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