How Businesses Are Using Social Media in The Hiring Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social media plays a larger and larger role in our personal lives, and even for those who don’t work with social media for a living like I do, it is starting to hugely effect our professional lives as well. For a while now social media marketing has been a large focus for businesses looking to strengthen their social image and target local relevant markets for advertising. Businesses of all kinds are also looking to social media for help finding and evaluating talent.

Reppler, a service which monitors social media, recently conducted a survey of 300 hiring professionals to find out details regarding their use of social media in the screening process. The study found that more than 90% of recruiters and hiring managers have searched for potential candidates on social networking sites as part of the screening process. A surprising 69% of recruiters have actually rejected candidates based on content found in their profile, and about the same (68%) have hired a candidate based on social network presence.

The infographic below details the findings of Reppler’s study.

social media infographic

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