How can I assess 3rd party traffic on my website?

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Posted on by Wikimotive LLC
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So, you’re spending all kinds of money. You’ve got all kinds of marketing dollars going in all different directions, and you have all this referral traffic coming back to you website. How can you tell what it’s actually doing? I’ve got you covered.

There’s a lot of different ways we can measure that 3rd party traffic and the way that it’s actually performing on our website, and there’s a lot of different things to consider. I’m not going to make you go through all of that.

Instead, I’ve built a very easy Looker Studio dashboard that has common automotive advertisers segmented out. You can load this dashboard and instantly tell how your AutoTrader traffic is doing, or your, or your CarFax, or your CarGurus, or your OEM traffic, or your email traffic, or your referral traffic. I’ve built a simple dashboard that allows you, in under 2 minutes, to assess the performance of a vendor or a market segment, and then compare that (apples-to-apples) to any other provider sending traffic to that website.

You can find that dashboard for FREE, today, at ThinkBetter.