COVID-19 and Your Business

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Posted on by Jason Cook
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Just last week, we launched our revamped format for ‘Just the Tip’. And while our weekly series of SEO and Digital Marketing tips will continue in light of current world events, we felt it was important to take a step back, and offer some topical content useful to businesses across all verticals.

In an effort to provide assurance to your customers, you may have already addressed these current concerns from the perspective of your business. Through social media posts, website updates and email campaigns many businesses have been diligent in keeping their customers informed of any reduction in operational capacity, decision to enact remote operations, even closings…as well as steps they are taking in the interest of general cleanliness and compliance to CDC guidelines. Simply put, it’s the right thing to do.

Now, those of you who have taken these steps may have noticed a glitch on Tuesday, in which many legitimate Facebook posts related to COVID-19 had been temporarily flagged as spam and removed. This issue affected communication from businesses and organizations like yours, and even deleted last week’s episode of this series, which included a passing reference to hand-washing. Facebook had resolved the issue by later that evening, but it’s important to recognize that such aggressive steps are being taken to curb the spread of misinformation. It highlights the potential impact of any content that’s being put out there.

In other words, be socially responsible. When addressing your audience, be conscious of the sensitivity and uncertainty being experienced throughout our shared, global community.

Now…different types of businesses will be impacted in different ways. If your company doesn’t require direct, interpersonal contact with your client base – you may be able to operate without any interruption of services.

But other businesses may not be as fortunate. For example, policies designed to support social distancing may require restaurants and other guest-based businesses to limit their services to take-out. To help minimize the inconvenience, many have successfully transitioned to an online / ordering platform or curbside pick-up model. Other businesses have introduced home-delivery services. To best serve your customers, you should be asking yourself if there are similar steps you could be taking. Enacting this sort of thoughtful flexibility could reduce your chance of revenue loss during these difficult times.

And remember, people want to know how they can continue doing business with you. In addition to social media and website updates, you should be utilizing your Google My Business profile to keep them informed. The Questions and Answers feature on your GMB profile provides you with the means of controlling the flow of information about your business. Think of the questions your customers might have. For example, what steps are you taking in the interest of public safety, and to protect the well-being of your team and their loved ones? Will you remain open? If not, will your services be interrupted? Or are there alternative means by which your customers can have their needs met? Be proactive by entering these questions into your GMB Q&A, then eliminate any risk of misinformation by answering them as your business. Finally, enlist the help of your team by having them up-vote your “official answers” to ensure that they are the first ones seen.

Regardless of the restrictions being enforced within your geography or enacted within your organization, accurate communication should be your priority. Form your strategy by assessing the level of concern appropriate to your geography, and your geographic reach. Pledge your commitment to stay abreast of further developments, and to keep your audience updated. In doing so, you empower your business or organization to be both socially responsible and conscious of the evolving needs of your customers and today’s world.

That about wraps things up for us this week, but if you’re looking to brush up on your SEO fundamental, you can revisit past episodes of this series at Just go ahead and click that link. Then join us next Thursday, and every Thursday, for more SEO and digital marketing insights on ‘Just the Tip’.