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It’s Near Years resolution time. Last week we talked about creating a resolution for your business, this week I’d like to talk about how you’re going to keep that resolution. Even though these tactics aren’t specifically aimed at businesses, they’re still valuable methods to help you stay on point and keep your business plan chugging along. When it comes to Automotive Marketing, having a plan and sticking to it is one of the most important parts of success.

1. Resolve to accomplish something important. If it’s something that can be put on the back burner without much harm, that’s exactly where it will end up.

2. Be specific. If you say you want to, “have a better Facebook page,” that can be hard to quantify. Instead, say “I want to add 100 new likes every month this year.” Having a hard number makes it achievable and trackable.

3. Identify what you will sacrifice. You aren’t able to make a positive change without eliminating some negative. Maybe you need to sacrifice some more time, maybe you need to give up a less productive habit. Either way, being willing to give up something to accomplish your goal will further cement your commitment and emphasize how important your goal really is.

4. Tell people close to you. When you make your goal public, you gain that extra pressure of others knowing whether you succeed or fail. They are able to hold you accountable and be supportive when you’re feeling low. Even better though, tell people who will hassle you a little. Sometimes wanting to prove people wrong can be a more powerful motivator than trying to prove people right.

5. Get on that wagon. If you fall off and miss a month, don’t give up entirely. Most people call it quits at the first hint of a setback. Even if you fail for an entire month, adjust the goal and pick it up next month.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years Eve! We’ll see you in 2013!


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