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People often times ask if they should schedule their social content posting when marketing with Twitter and Facebook. The short answer is yes, you should certainly schedule. Depending on your industry, there are times of day that see more activity than others, and scheduling ensures you hit those times of day. There are a myriad of services that offer post scheduling to every major social network and you should absolutely be taking advantage of those (just do a Google search to find one that fits your needs).

Now are you ready for the long answer?

Scheduling is dangerous, especially on social media. As anyone who works in the industry will tell you, “setting” is all too often followed by “forgetting” and forgetting your social presence is the worst thing you can do. If you start to become an automaton, your friends, fans and followers will notice and they’ll stop interacting.

Does this mean you shouldn’t schedule? Of course not, you just have to be vigilant.

Social media isn’t a television ad. It’s less about direct sales and more about reputation. You spent the time building up this great community on these social media sites, and it would be a shame to ignore them.

So yes, please schedule your social media postings. It will ensure you don’t forget, guarantee you hit the busiest times or day, and let you build up a good lead so you get some more free time. Just be sure you check your networks once a day, whenever you get the chance, and interact with your community. Answer questions, join in making jokes, and above all: BE PRESENT!

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