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Getting to Know the Major Google Search Updates

Over the past few years, Google has updated its search algorithm with a few major updates to crack down on spam, black hat SEO techniques, and other forms of manipulation. These updates have been widely covered by search engine blogs and now each small update is covered in detail so SEO professionals can stay on […] Read More

5 Types of Content Your Dealership Needs to Create

One of the most popular sayings  amongst internet marketers is “Content is king.” We all know this is true, but make sure you’re not just talking the talk and writing exclusively for search engines. Because while that used to be a worthwhile strategy, the key to outranking your competition now isn’t through optimization, it’s through […] Read More

Adding Your Blog to Alltop

Have you ever thought about submitting your blog to Alltop? If you’re doing SEO right, you have a blog, and more exposure for said blog can only ever be a good thing. Alltop is an “online magazine rack” that brings together blogs from all different fields. It aggregates all of these different blogs into categories […] Read More

Blogging Longhand

All too often when we sit at the computer, we aren’t writing, we’re typing. It’s a subtle distinction but it’s an important one. Do you ever stare at your screen and know you need to get something down so you just hammer it out? Worse yet, do you ever stare at the screen, knowing you […] Read More

WordPress or Blogger?

People still ask which is the better platform for creating a business blog, WordPress or Blogger. They both have their followings and their merits, but most  people who work for an actual SEO company will tell you that one is the clear winner.

Blogging for Humans

We talk a lot about the importance of a blog. As Google’s updates progress, the old adage “content is king” is becoming ever more true. It’s not enough to simply have content though, that content needs to be unique to your site and valuable to the reader. In the rush to keep up with the […] Read More

Should you schedule posts?

People often times ask if they should schedule their social content posting when marketing with Twitter and Facebook. The short answer is yes, you should certainly schedule. Depending on your industry, there are times of day that see more activity than others, and scheduling ensures you hit those times of day. There are a myriad […] Read More

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