WordPress or Blogger?

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People still ask which is the better platform for creating a business blog, WordPress or Blogger. They both have their followings and their merits, but most  people who work for an actual SEO company will tell you that one is the clear winner.

Matt Cutts released another video on his Google Webmaster Help channel, and this time he set out to answer the question, “which is better for SEO, WordPress or Blogger?”

The general consensus of his post is that both platforms have their merits. Blogger is quicker and easier, but WordPress is ultimately more powerful. If that sounds sort of wishy washy and unhelpful, welcome to the world of Google and Matt Cutts. They want to help SEO companies, but they know if they give away too much of the secret sauce, then black hats will start to exploit them. The trick is reading inside of his reply and finding the actual useful bits of information.

In this case , Matt’s answer is extra diplomatic, because his employer, Google, owns Blogger. However, he says one thing that shows what he really believes:

“On my personal blog, I use WordPress.”

When you’re looking to do SEO, that’s all you need to remember.

It’s not hard to understand why someone like Matt Cutts would use WordPress over Blogger. WordPress is for people who want to really invest time into both their site and their content. When it comes to writing a blog, both platforms are equal, but when it comes to advanced functionality, WordPress is the way to go.

Some will say that you should start with Blogger because it’s simple, but if you have any success, you’re going to want more advanced features as you move along. The best bet is to start with WordPress and deal with the slightly steeper learning curve so that when you really start taking off, you can fully mange all of your content and SEO effectively.

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