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Whether you’re a seasoned SEO pro or just starting out, the shifting nature of search engine optimization makes it a constant struggle to stay on top of it. It’s like walking on quicksand, every time you think you have sure footing, you find yourself suddenly up to your neck in it. There are ways to maintain a  cheap SEO service without sacrificing quality though, and the best method is constant vigilance…accompanied by knowledge of the past and present of course.

We’ve found a great Infographic from Fuzz One Media that illustrates the difference between SEO before and after all of the Penguin and Panda changes. It goes over nearly every aspect of search engine optimization, social outreach, and team construction.

We recommend everyone save this infographic for one BIG reason in particular though: weeding out bad SEO companies. When you’re looking to hire a company to do SEO for you, or you’re looking to hire a new employee to perform the work internally, ask them about all the different topics in the center column of this infographic. If they give the answer from the left-hand side (old) then they’re no good. If they give the answer from the right-hand side (new) then they’re worthy of your time and money.

Here’s the infographic:

Wikimotive SEO old and New Infographic

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