The World Didn’t End…So What Now?

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Like Y2K and Twilight: Breaking Dawn before it, the Mayan Apocalypse has thus far failed to bring about the end of the world. The solar flares didn’t fry us, the meteor didn’t send us the way of the dinosaurs, and Cthulhu remains slumbering his ancient slumber in the abyss. This surprising survival on the part of the human race has left many people asking, “What now?” Well, don’t worry friends. Wikimotive is a Digital Marketing Company that plans for contingencies.

With our continued existence, 2013 is suddenly looming large. Here are a few basic tips to start the new year off in style:

1. Create quality links. This cannot be said enough. Google is getting better at determining what an “organic” link really looks like. The fallout of this is that they will discount many, MANY links in 2013, meaning it will take fewer GOOD links to rank. Create those good links through well-optimized, USEFUL pages, and ditch the spam.

2. Get OTHERS social. At this point, I’m going to assume you’re on social media. Now that you’re on and posting regularly, the next trick is to get others involved. Search engines are taking into account social cues such as likes, shares and Retweets, so you need to have all those things. If your content is good, you’ll get them organically, but everyone needs a boost to start. Ask your employees nicely to help with your social media efforts, ask your family and friends. Don’t be annoying and don’t force it, but when you’re first starting out and building your audience, you’re going to need some help from somewhere. Make 2013 the year you hit that next follower milestone.

3. Be flexible. This is going to be the single most important thing for 2013. SEO is changing more rapidly than ever before and, as a result, cookie-cutter SEO services are becoming all but worthless. Going into this brave new world, you need to be able to kill your darlings. No matter how long you’ve been using a process, you need to be able to objectively evaluate it and cut it out if it’s not delivering the results it once did. Use A/B testing and keep yourself up to date. Don’t throw good money (and valuable time) after bad traditions.

If you have any questions, you could always Contact Wikimotive in our secure bunker. We’re here to help with all your social media and SEO needs.

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