What about buying backlinks?

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Should You Purchase Backlinks?

If your inbox looks anything like mine does, there’s far too many emails from people you don’t recognize offering to sell you backlinks from “high domain authority websites”. It’s a trap. Why? Because it’s specifically against Google guidelines to purchase backlinks stating, “Google works hard to ensure that it fully discounts links intended to manipulate search engine results, such as excessive link exchanges and purchased links”. And while the practice still exists (and you can, for a short time, get away with it) it will eventually catch up with you, leading to some pretty catastrophic results. What kind of results? How about getting your website taken off of Google entirely.

So, you might be thinking to yourself, “Well…there’s some reward to this too! Backlinks are important and – if more backlinks will get me to rank higher – it could be worth it, right?”

Well, sure…but would you feel warm and fuzzy if you received an email that said, “Hello. I’d like to sell you a website. This website is going to produce 10% better than any other website for you but, at any time, it might disappear entirely and I can’t tell you when you’ll get it back.” Sounds like a bad purchase, right. Well, it’s basically the same thing as buying backlinks. Just don’t do it.


So, should you purchase backlinks? No. While it could be tempting to do so if you can’t earn them organically, it’s against Google guidelines and could lead to your site being removed from Google entirely.