There’s A New #1 Factor For SEO Ranking!

social media SEOSEO is a like a clock, always shifting, and kept true by machinery fathomless to the general population. Even people who make a living learning these intricate machinations are, at best, constantly battling to stay relevant. The hidden algorithms utilized by search engines like Google keep us on our toes, demanding constant vigilance and supreme dedication to the craft. That’s what makes search engine optimization a full time job…one best handled by experts.

Searchmetrics, a company dedicated to peeling back the curtain, has released a study that does much to answer the question: what factors are relevant for a good ranking on Google? The company has performed exhaustive research on, “10,000 selected top-keywords, 300,000 websites and millions of links, shares and tweets.” Let’s break down a couple of their most important findings.

First, we want to cover the old guard: backlinks. Despite a lot of worry around the industry, backlinks remain incredibly relevant. In fact, the number of backlinks remains the second most important factor overall. It’s not just about quantity though. The study shows that links with stop words and nofollow are also significant factors in a page’s ranking.

If backlinks is second overall, what’s number one? It may come as a surprise if you haven’t been steeping yourself in industry news of late. It turns out; social media is far and away the most important part of any SEO strategy today. Specifically, your page being shared on Facebook has the largest impact of any single factor. Following shares are comments, likes, and Tweets.

What does this mean for the industry? Businesses that have been ignoring social media are going to find themselves slipping in the ranks, if they haven’t already slipped. This study makes it clear that links ARE NOT ENOUGH. To remain competitive in today’s market, you MUST become heavily involved in social media.

This trend will ultimately make the internet a better place. With social media shares ruling the roost, you’ll see far less spammy content and pages of useless links. Wikimotive has long upheld that content is king, and this has never been more true. To succeed in SEO today, you need to succeed in social media, and to succeed in social media, you need to produce quality content that engages your audience so that your shares (and likes, favorites, Tweets, reTweets, etc.) organically grow.

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  • The best ways to Rank Web page One In Google With A NEW Domain

    I wish to share my case study with you to show you exactly how it can be actually uncomplicated to obtain top rankings in Google. I now place for high competition keywords in 2 weeks, and this is in the “post-penguin ” period!

    I’ve informed My method correctly so you can do the same.

    Some individuals say you can not place new websites. Neglect those individuals please and lets get begun!

    The Particular niche

    Choose Your Particular niche, (example: Samsung 65″ UN65C8000)

    Fire up the really good ‘ol Google adwords Keyword Tool, and search for your main keyword with the highest amount of Exact Match searches.

    I consistently try to get the exact match domain. (My current examinations show that Google are favoring these more than ever immediately.) if the EMD is unavailable … then I make sure I have both the keywords of the main key-term in domain.

    The niche I’ve picked is a High end Smart 3d Lcd T.v. This is the very best specific niche for making high end commissions, and I placed it quickly … got some decent traffic … and maneuvered the traffic to make money in numerous innovative ways. Clearly, I mainly generated income from with my amazon associates account to get some LCD, and LCD accessories sales.

    The Web site

    The website utilizes a custom Thesis motif set-up, the composed material was “curated”, which is just a means of saying “scraping content, but offering credit to the source”.

    So, I scraped news articles about LCD’s, and stuff to do with LCD Modern technology. Then I incorporate a few sentences in front, and at the end to make the created content a bit more special.


    Google likes outbound authority links, Great deals of people share this idea, I can not show it, but from just what I’ve seen I think it’s definitely helping.

    Additionally, never incorporate affiliate links to a brand-new site unless you’re utilizing a solid link cloaking plug – in. It is a FACT that Google can, and does, make ranking more difficult for sites that start with affiliate links. I have actually tested this, and seen it occur. I add affiliate links once I’m ranking in the leading half of page one. This offers Google a opportunity to measure things like bounce rates, and other metrics that figure out quality scores.

    Made sure the site was media rich, with pictures and video recording. Each post takes me about 3 minutes to do. And many of that is removing non-relevant material (this in some cases happens if you’re scraping content) and incorporating a bit of humor to the posts. When You scrape individuals content and spin or do whatever and the originators of the content contact you to remove the material, REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY!

    Ok so just what did I do social media-wise on the site?
    The sidebar widget consists of a FaceBook “like” box, with 1000 “likes” and usually I Purchase Facebook Followers from which was really low-cost like $ 13.94 for 1k Facebook Followers.

    Twitter feeds are additionally established, although no tweets have been made so far, and I also bought 12,000 followers from the exact same spot. Later on I added a complimentary plugin called “tweet old post” which randomly connects to any sort of pages and posts on your website.

    Content and web 2.0 links

    You can easily buy articles from the exact same location I discussed above for a little over a $ 1 each. Purchase 30 of them, and spin them to make 4 models of the same write-up which in the end gives you about 120 unique posts. So in absolute it costs you $ 34.91, or absolutely nothing if you want to create the content yourself. This makes $ 35 of content work for an whole entire campaign that will certainly draw in HUNDREDS OF dollars.

    The Linking Strategy

    It truly is much better to have the website prepared first. A lot of times I place it off, then begin getting a lot of traffic that I’m not making the most of. Of course, you do not require it to be ideal either, merely ensure you have material, the motif looks good and you recognize exactly how you will certainly generate income from once you’re ready to.

    These are the sorts of links you need for a WELL BALANCED link portfolio.

    The listing might appear long, however you just need to get 3-7 link types in order to make your positions a lot more stable:

    • Online forum posts
    • Online forum profiles
    • Wikis
    • Web 2.0
    • Bookmarks
    • Facebook/Twitter
    • Articles (on article directory sites)
    • Paid Press Releases
    • Directories
    • Contextual web page links (the hardest and most powerful)

    There are numerous software program solutions for constructing web 2.0 posts on internet sites like blogger, etc. The prices differ, and in the end it comes down to personal desire.

    You just have to utilize one of them.

    I’ve been checking different software programs, including SeNuke X. It’s $ 147 per month, and the connecting power is good, however is limited due to the fact that they only have a small pool of websites in their system.

    It’s good if you are constructing a brand-new website every day, but for anyone merely starting it’s not required and, it’s a bit costly.

    Web 2.0 links should connect directly to your cash sites, with about 30-40 % of the anchor text being your target keywords. Spread these links around your pages. Those internet 2.0 pages should be improved by economical links, this is what is known as “tier connecting”, or “pyramid linking”.

    At the same time, I make 50-100 guestbook links split throughout my website web pages. Reasonable very easy links like this are often “nofollow”, and frequently will not enable you to pick anchors.

    This is fine, in fact it’s fantastic!

    Anchor diversity is very important, and the anchor weight (the power to place for particular keywords) will originate from more expensive High Page Rank links.

    Most of the links have been direct to the money site, and I use reasonable links to “power up” internet 2.0, and costly High PR Links and get them indexed.

    Guestbook links dilute anchors, so you’re not over-optimized which will certainly get you punished since the Penguin inform. These links also increase link/IP selection. Expensive links should be your target anchors, low-cost links must be different, practically random anchors.

    Get enough direct links, Post Advertising Robot is excellent for this, nowadays you can just get about 300 auto-approve posts with it.

    Guide blog commenting is free of charge if you do it yourself but make certain you get as numerous dofollow as you can, or you’ll go mad composing the comments since the nofollow ones have little direct effect on your positions.

    The tail end of my method is the “contextual” links aspect.

    This is the most essential link kind due to the fact that they are without a doubt the most powerful. It’s also the most tough link type due to the fact that you need to locate websites who will accept your links. These links are so important for Google’s formula for determining relevance that they can not devalue them like they have done with online forum profiles and blog opinion links.

    I hope you appreciated my Case Study.

    I guarantee, follow all of these actions and you’ll rank time and time again.

    Disregard all the hype and “sky is falling” talk of the SEO sceptics.
    In truth … it’s simpler than ever to get placed when you have a tested procedure to follow. I wish you the greatest of luck in your SEO endeavors and please get in touch if you have any sort of questions. If you need a one stop shop to put the above action plan to work you can look into this Wholesale Social Media, Material, SEO, Graphic Design, Audio, and Visual Services website they have every little thing you will require at wholesale costs.

    To higher rankings! Adam