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The YouTube and Google+ Calamity

It’s Monday morning, do you know where your mother is? If you’ve spent any time on YouTube before November, you’ve probably heard several different answers to that question, all of them less than savory. The YouTube comment section has long been known as a terrible place, and for good reason. If you go to pretty […] Read More

Google+ Undergoes Graphic Redesign

Google+ is on the move again. It hasn’t been that long since their last update, but apparently they’ve decided to follow the early Facebook method of switching up the look every few months or so. The only difference is that Google+ doesn’t have a community of people making a fuss about it, mostly because they […] Read More

Google+ Slides into Second Place!

For years, the social media landscape has remained largely unchanged. Sure, you have things like Pinterest and Instagram popping up, but the big things for business have consistently been Marketing with Twitter and Facebook. Google+ was designed to be the Facebook killer, but it hasn’t accomplished that, not by a long-shot. What Google’s social network HAS […] Read More

Could Communities Make Google+ Relevant?

Google has been trying to push Google+ since its inception, but they’ve had a hard time gaining any ground on the vast majority of businesses that do their marketing using Facebook. Last week, they added a new feature that they hope will make them more attractive and competitive. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the (maybe kinda sorta) […] Read More

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