Facebook Acquires The Pieceable Team For Mobile Innovation

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Facebook has had a bit of a rough time since their IPO despite being one of the most hyped IPO’s of all time. Since mid May when they went public Facebook has been trying to boost their stock prices from the initial dive they took. In an effort to become more mobile relevant and boost mobile revenues Facebook has recently acquired the entire Pieceable Software team. This is something to keep an eye on if you want to stay ahead of the curve with your Facebook Marketing Strategies.

Pieceable Software launched last year as the creator of a service that allows app developers to publish apps to a web page, and then easily share them by simply sending people a link. This service ranged from 0 to $60 a month depending on the demands of your app. The leadership team at Pieceable had loftier goals than just allowing people to create and host apps. They wanted to create a full CMS that would allow people to create apps without a great deal of coding knowledge.

Unfortunately Facebook isn’t actually acquiring the company itself nor are they acquiring the companies technology or any of the customer’s apps. They are however getting the entire knowledgeable staff and their expertise and innovative thinking in the mobile field.  Hopefully the dream of a CMS for app development is still alive because that is something I would love to see.

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