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It used to be that you needed big bucks to advertise via video.  The internet has certainly changed that, but you have still always needed a substantial investment to get a quality commercial completed and actually scene by anyone.  Well, Google is working to change all that, and it should make a big splash in the world of online marketing.

Google has announced their new AdWords for video advertising on YouTube.   The system will work similar to the traditional paid search, where you only pay for actual clicks to your website regardless of how many times your ad is shown.  With AdWords for video’s TrueView system, you will only pay for complete views of your video.  If anyone skips ahead or doesn’t get through the full 30 seconds, you won’t be charged a dime.

In previous years, it was difficult to market to any specific demographic on YouTube.  This was because most visitors to the site were simply casual viewers with no log-in information, but that is no longer the case.  Now, Google and YouTube accounts are linked, creating between five and ten times more logged-in users visiting the site.  This results in a large swath of demographic data to pull out and market to.

For those of you who want to give it a try, Google is making it relatively painless.  All you need to set-up is an active YouTube account.  You simply go to and link AdWords to your YouTube account.  To incentivize people to give it a try, Google is also offering up about $75 per account of free advertising to early adopters. Just remember to make sure your ad is immediately engaging, or it’s going to be skipped every time.  Sure you won’t lose any money that way, but you wont make it either.

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