Great Tips For Dealers On Pinterest And Social Media In General

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I recently read a blog post on ADM where J.D. Rucker detailed The Value of Pinterest for Car Dealers. In the post he gave us a few tips on how to get started using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool. Pinterest for those who don’t know is a relatively new social network site where you can organize and share all the great things the internet has to offer, from funny and interesting photos, to inspirational stories or blogs.

what J.D. said really applies to the use of any social network “it starts with being interesting.” This is something that we really need to take to heart, no one on any social site wants to see your monthly specials, or your “internet deals.” If you manage your dealer’s social media, before you post something, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, ask yourself “would I ‘like’ this or follow this link if I saw it on my own news feed?”

Using Pinterest along with other social media sites is a great way to further flesh out your dealer’s social standing. Remember social media isn’t about promoting your dealership per se. Growing your social reach by becoming a valued source for your fans and followers can not only drive more traffic to your site but it can improve your standing in the eyes of the search engines as well.

Thinking about broadening your social horizons? We’ll be more than happy to help you put together a strategy for using Pinterest and other up-and-coming social platforms! Just use the form on our Wikimotive contact page or give us a call!

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