How to Create Tailor-Made Content for Your Dealership (Part Three)

How to Create Tailor-Made Content for Your Dealership (Part Three)
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Alright everyone, it’s time to find out the final step to refining your content…

Two weeks ago, we went over how to find your target audience…

…and last week we discussed the importance of using a unique tone for every piece of content.

This week, I’m going to tell you about the final piece of the content puzzle: VOICE.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating content is that you are writing for people, not robots. In fact, content written in a way that we can easily read through and understand is what Google favors in ranking.

Remember the buzzword from talking about tone? It applies to your voice too. Your goal is to make a connection.

So, part of writing for people, not robots, is to develop a strong voice for your dealership.

But wait, isn’t tone and voice the same thing?

The answer is “NO”.

Tone is “how you are tailoring your content to the product and the potential customer”, voice is “how your dealership is saying it”.

So, how do you create a unique voice?

It’s actually more simple than you might expect. Just think about how you and the other people you work with talk to your customers on a daily basis.

Are you energetic and friendly? Serious and professional? Laid back and casual?

Take the time to notice how you and your employees talk to your customers, then translate that into your content voice. Pay attention to what phrases come up a lot, how you deliver information, and overall what words you actually use, then apply those to your writing.

Once you choose your content voice, you need to make it consistent.

Unlike tone, your dealership voice should be consistent across all your content types. This is how you create a stronger identity for your company that your customers can connect with. People care about the brands and companies they buy from, so you want to make them care about yours.

Make that connection.

You need that connection to get potential customers invested in what you are saying and what you are selling. Then, when it comes time to buy, your dealership will be the first place they think of. If you do this well, you can even get them to decide to buy while they are reading your content.

Plus, having a unique voice that people actually want to read gives you a leg up on the competition who probably only write stuffy, formal, boring content.

Trust me when I tell you that your competitors are NOT creating a unique voice.

They’re almost always writing content in the same order, about the same things every time. They aren’t thinking about how it sounds or if it’s interesting, just about getting information out there, and it’s generally pretty boring and stale to read. Not good for clicks, engagement, or sales.

So, how do you know if you have a good voice?

Take the time to read your content out loud. Does it sound like something that matches how you speak to customers on a daily basis? If so, then you know you are on the right track.

Remember though, while it can be a lot of fun to create a unique voice, what you say and how you say it still reflects on your business.

When creating your voice, make sure you still maintain a professional way of saying things. Be cautious of using slang terms or words and phrases that might be considered offensive. Overall, your voice should still be positive, reflect good salesmanship, and draw customers in.

So, let’s recap how you can refine your content.

Step 1: Narrow down your target audience for your content.
Step 2: Create a distinct tone for each piece of content that aligns with what your target customer wants to read.
Step 3: Create a unique voice so that your customer will connect with your dealership.

Use your audience as a way to find your tone, then impart your information through your unique voice to make a connection to your potential buyers. At the end, you will be left with a piece of content that is relevant to your audience and blows the content from your competition out of the search rankings.