Is it possible to over-optimize content?

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We’ve talked a lot about content and optimization and you may be thinking to yourself, “Is there possibly too much of a good thing?”

And the answer is an emphatic “yes”.

Back in 2003-4…

SEO practitioners could get away with a lot more than they could now, which led to a lot of questionable practices like stuffing keywords into your content or fixating on keyword density within that content. Those practices have no place in a modern SEO practice.

Why? Because not only does content built around those practices read really poorly, it even looks unappealing to readers. And most importantly, Google knows that content was written for optimization rather than being written to answer the queries of actual human beings. We need to remember that modern SEO is about anticipating and answering the questions of humans, and only by doing so will you earn Google’s favor and a higher ranking position.

Now, those aren’t the only outdated practices that we see, still cropping up. What about writing blog posts about other local businesses in your area? Well, if a user is looking for the best coffee shop in Daytona, FL your car dealership shouldn’t be the one aiming to provide the best answer to that query…and Google knows it. So don’t waste your space, don’t waste your effort, and definitely don’t waste your time.

What Really Matters?

A query about your website? Yes. A query about your products and services? Absolutely. Remember to always aim towards the funnel. In terms of your site, the aim is to earn visitors and, by answering their queries and addressing their needs better than anyone else, convert them into customers. And you’re not going to do that writing about the local Pizza Hut.


Modern SEO is about creating optimized content for humans, not search engines. And since outdated practices (like keyword stuffing and focusing on keyword density) creates content that isn’t reflective of how humans communicate, they equate to unnecessary over-optimization. Just stay focused on your funnel, building content around your products and services that’s designed for the consumer and you’ll be making the best use of your time and effort.