Are blogs necessary? What makes one effective?

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If you’re looking for reasons why your dealership should have a blog, remember that I’ve prattled on and on and on about putting new content on your website. So why do we suggest a blog? It’s because blogs are the easiest way to create and curate up-to-date content, and present it in an organized fashion. If you’re just stacking a landing page, after a landing page, after a landing page (i) it’s hard for people to navigate and (ii) it’s hard for you to keep track of what you’ve written about without depending on a ton of spreadsheets.

The Value of a Blog

A blogroll provides a natural means of navigating through any site’s content, and it’s a process that people have become accustomed to. So, hypothetically speaking, let’s say you have a blogroll on your website (because we’ve already said that’s a good idea, and you’re into good ideas)…

How Do You Come Up With Good Content?

Well, write about things that are happening around the dealership. Say, “Hey! We’ve got 7 Subaru BRZ’s coming in on a trailer and only 5 of them are pre-sold. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, here are some of the features you might find interesting about the BRZ. Things like the 6-speed manual transmission, the optional 18-inch rims that look so right, or the leather-appointed trim that’s of such interest to the younger buyers.”

Remember the Goal of Content

We’re looking to answer questions but, beyond that, we’re looking to answer the questions of potential customers so focus on that bottom-line. If there are certain characteristics of a particular vehicle that stand out – characteristics of a vehicle that’s being sold more often than not – write about them. Tell the consumer, “People at our dealership really love this particular package. Here’s why we think that is…”

A lot of SEO is Marketing

So, do some marketing! If you’re sitting on a vehicle that’s been there for six weeks, write a blog about why it doesn’t deserve to be there anymore. “Hey people! This is a fantastic vehicle! (i) The price is right (ii) it’s got the options that people in our area love (iii) we’ll get you some fantastic financing.

And Don’t Forget…

It’s not just about writing the content. You’ve got to go beyond that, sharing it across your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn. Just find another way to pollinate, and get that information out there. So, you’ve made a natural pathway of getting the person to notice the vehicle, to be interested in it, and to schedule a test drive? Funnel complete.


Blogs are the easiest way to curate a steady flow of current and relevant content that’s easily navigable by your customers. They’re an invaluable part of your marketing toolbox allowing you to draw attention to the things you want prospective car buyers or service customers to know at any given moment.