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Pinterest Business Account
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Pinterest is experiencing rapid growth, both among casual users and marketers. In the past month, Pinterest has started to embrace businesses that want to utilize their service, and they have made explicit business pages available. In the grand tradition of Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest hopes to use businesses’ need to market to increase their own revenue. When it comes to social media marketing, Pinterest should definitely be part of your strategy, and moving from a personal account to a business account will help in increasing your marketing power.

What are the benefits of moving from a personal account to a business account?

-You get official Pinterest buttons that can be added to websites, allowing people to pin items and follow feeds.

-You can officially link your website to your Pinterest account.

-Information from Pinterest explaining how to best use Pinterest for marketing and social networking.

Those are the big three for now, but you can safely assume that Pinterest isn’t done adding business benefits yet. As they figure out what works for businesses (and what is profitable for them) they will continue to roll out new features and new methods of advertising.

If you want a business account, you can create one from scratch or convert your personal account. All you need to do is simply click the applicable button pictured to the right, and then follow a very short account creation process. Make sure you use the same profile best practices you would with other social networks, such as a strong, short description and relevant user picture!

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