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You know who just won’t stop bothering Webmasters? Google. Those guys are always updating things and sending out alerts. In fact, the sultans of search send out hundreds of thousands of messages to Webmasters every single month. Until recently, we weren’t sure how these messages related to SEO for Business, but Matt Cutts just released a new video dropping some knowledge on us. 

In the video, Matt answers a Webmaster-submitted question about the content of all those messages that are going out every day. At first, it seems like hundreds of thousands of messages a month is overkill, but Matt cites a stat that MILLIONS of spam pages are built every HOUR, so actually Google is just struggling against the tide.

So what kind of messages are they sending and how do you avoid getting one? It’s pretty simple:

90% – Blackhat SEO. The only surprise here is that it’s not higher. 90% of all messages sent by Google are to people performing bad SEO, everything from cloaking to scraping to bad redirects.

4% – Poor Content. Google wasn’t joking about wanting quality content. 4% of their messages are alerting Webmasters they’ll NEVER rank with the caliber of content they currently run.

3% – Hacking. It’s a little surprising that Google deals with this at all, but 3% of messages are sent to hackers telling them to cut it out.

2% – Link Buying. Do people still pay for backlinks? Apparently they do, because Google has to send out messages. If this is you, just take that money you spend buying links and pay for some guest blogs. Quality content will do more for you and WON’T EVER get you penalized.

1% – Link Selling. Doing drugs is bad, selling them is even worse.


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