Why You Should Be Branding Your Salespeople Using Video

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Posted on by Jason Cook
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Annnnd we’re back – in the studio – after a great week in Napa Valley at DMSC 2021. In fact, it was such an impactful experience that we’re going to hold off on our regular topics for one more week — because we’re feeling particularly inspired to #weaponizetheconnectivity.

Of all the amazing keynotes, panels and breakout sessions that took place at the DMSC it was one in particular that inspired this episode; specifically, Day 3’s panel titled “Should Salespeople Brand Themselves?”. Led by by Glenn Pasch of PCG Digital, the panel featured Nathanael Greklek of Mohawk Honda, Scott Risley of the Mohawk Auto Group, Dusty Sutherland of Wilmington Auto Center, and David Long of the Hansel Auto Group.

Now, over the last couple of years, we’ve talked a lot about the creation of unique video content at dealerships like yours. From affordable and easy-to-use equipment, to the unique demands of various platforms, to valuable analytics you should be paying attention to, the power of video is no new topic here at JTT. But rarely have I seen it distilled into such a relevant message by those who have harnessed its power.

To quote our good friend Dusty, “[Self-Branding] allows the salesperson to be uniquely themselves in every situation, in every walk of life. It’s who they are, it’s how they live their life, and it can also draw folks who are interested in the same concerns, the same hobbies, the same situations, the same sports teams – to them. The perfect meet & greet doesn’t happen in the showroom, it happens at the exact moment that the customer makes a connection with a salesperson.”

And in a world of ever-increasing social media consumption, and opportunities served up by digital marketing tools, that “exact moment” could take place anywhere, at any time. Imagine the impact of your salespeople taking the initiative to create real connections, to form real relationships, and get your dealership’s very real message out there. Consider the positive response and cross-marketing opportunities of putting your community service, charitable partnerships and local business relationships out there for all to see. Imagine a means of marketing your people, products and processes to a wider audience – further establishing your dealership as a trusted partner to potential car buyers in your area.

Long story short, if your dealership does ANY (if not ALL) of these things, you’re going to SELL MORE CARS. After all, people need to buy them, it’s up to you and your team to distinguish yourselves and show how you can help them better than anyone else. Hard truth? Your “company line” probably won’t seal that deal…but humanizing your sales team in a genuine manner that’s reflective of each of their authentic selves WILL.

From live videos to stories to social media posting, not only do all of your salespeople have the means of creating uniquely branded content right there in their pocket, but the subject matter for that content is part of every day life at your dealership. Whether self-produced by each sales person, or vetted through your in-house creative marketing teams, you could create content that:

– Features & showcases your team members.
– Provides informative vehicle tours.
– Offers virtual test drives.
– Shares positive reviews.
– Draws attention to charitable endeavors.
– Helps to cross-promote community events.

These are the same conversations about your dealership you should be having anyway but, by filtering them through the unique style of each team member, you’re re-contextualizing the same message for different audiences. PLUS you’re evolving your approach to fit the preferences of younger millennial and emerging Gen-Z car buyers most likely to consume information in this fashion.

Incorporate unique hashtags for each salesperson and dealership campaign, and you’re setting yourselves up for greater success through increased visibility, familiarity, and the self-generated referrals inspired by both.