A Look Back at 2012

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Now that we’re getting into the near year, we here at Wikimotive wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite stories from 2012. Sure, we wrote plenty about Marketing With Twitter and Facebook and SEO in general, but there were also some more human stories that we’re pretty proud of! Here are five of our favorites from the past year:

1. Lindsey Stone Inspires Facebook Rage. Lindsey did something dumb on social media (haven’t we all?) and now she may lose her job and her career. Should employers hold employees accountable for what they do on their personal pages? How far are we willing to take the defense of free speech, even when we may not like what is being said?

2. Unfair Advantage. We had the distinct honor of releasing a book with other top experts in the Automotive industry. We’re incredibly proud of our little baby and we think everyone who wants to get more ROI for their dollar should take a look!

3. Figures Lie, but Liars Didn’t Figure on Wikimotive!. Tim’s scathing review of SEO reporting practices and the ramifications therein. Justified? Blowhard? You be the judge.

4. Social Meda: A Knife Without A Handle. A introspective look at how we use social media and the inherent risks involved. Is it worth it? Most definitely yes, but tread carefully.

5. Clay Nissan Boycott and the Followup. One of the most interesting cases of social media use and business this year. A woman was fired, a Facebook group was created, and the community caught fire. Who was right and who was wrong? We may never know, but there is no denying the role social media played in the case.


What was your favorite blog post? Contact Wikimotive and let us know!

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