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Is your business on Instagram yet? We aren’t going to say it’s a must, but it’s a pretty simple thing that can add some value to your businesses efforts when Marketing Using Facebook or Twitter. The artsy little photos are still really popular, especially among the younger crowds, so get the app and start snapping!

The first things you should photograph are your business location and products. Showing people what you make or sell is always a good move. For instance, if you’re an automotive dealer, you can post stylized shots of your cars and the interiors, presenting the coolest angles with stylized filters for maximum effect.

If you have an interesting process or facility, make sure to document that too! These kind of photo shoots are like little reality-show style peeks into your industry, and people love to see them. Get creative and tell a little story about what it is you do. Once it’s posted, you can always later collect them into an album and reuse the content!

Some companies have been offering small contests and campaigns with great success. Suggest a theme and invite your followers to submit variations on that theme. Collect the best ones and share them! Of course, you need to have a good amount of fans for this to work, so try and get the followers you already have on Facebook and Twitter to add you on Instagram!

Some people are saying Instagram is a must have for marketing, others are saying it’s worthless. I believe that the jury is still out, and in the meantime, it should be used as a nice little supplement to your existing marketing efforts.

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