Colors in Marketing (Infographic)

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Have you ever really thought about why we react to certain colors the way we do? It’s a primal response, one we’re all but helpless to resist. Colors simply evoke emotion in us, cutting straight through all of our higher functions and slamming into our lizard brains. The power of colors is only further enhanced by other design elements, and that’s why graphic design is so very important. When you’re building pages for your Business’s Search Engine Optimization or other marketing efforts, the slightest tweaks to shade and shape can make or break the success of a page. 

How do you keep track of what works and what doesn’t? Your first step should be to employ at least one graphic designer whose work you admire. There are plenty of them out there these days, so you should be able to take your pick. The best designers won’t pigeonhole themselves into just one style, they should be able to seamlessly move between different types of design for different types of marketing. If you can’t afford a good designer, you’d do well to brush up on your art basics.

Here’s a great infographic by the Painters of Louisville that illustrates how different colors should be used both in the home and in your marketing efforts. You may have seen some of it before, but it’s definitely interesting and the design is absolutely beautiful.


Colors Infographic

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