How To Correctly Implement Video Content On Your Site

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So you’ve finally got some excellent video content you think is worthy of your awesome website. But you’re not sure how to implement it on your site properly to ensure you get the greatest return. Well here’s a guide on how to use your online marketing skills to get that video content the best possible exposure.

Video can actually greatly benefit your automotive dealership’s seo but you have to implement it properly to see the best returns. When Google crawls your site they are looking for a number of different indicators, like page quality, keywords, and relevance. Multimedia objects such as video content can help all three of these things. Videos will increase a users time on page, something that is becoming more and more important with recent updates to Google’s algorithms. Also people are more likely to link to your content if it contains some video or other multimedia.

Make sure that your video is not lonely on a page all by itself, surround it with even more cool content to boost its relevancy. A page with an h1 tag and a video doesn’t do much to tell Google what it is they are looking at. Surrounding your video with even more awesome related content will help give context to the page. A page with relevant text, images and video will undoubtedly have more page quality than any of those things by themselves, and will give people more of a reason to link to your video.

Where you host your video is also a very important decision. Youtube is an obvious choice because of it’s prevalent nature and Googles favorability towards it. However, it can be tough to get links back to your page with YouTube videos, but there are other options. Some services will host your video and make it look like the video is hosted on your own domain, these are paid services but excellent alternatives to YouTube because of their SEO benefits, some good ones are Wistia, and Vimeo Pro.

It should go without saying that making sure your video has a proper title, file name, and meta description is an important step. Treat the title and description the same way you would a blog post. Keywords are good but not at the expense of describing accurately what the viewer will experience when they watch your video. As for file names, they should be short but keyword rich and use hyphens in place of spaces.

Creating a video sitemap will be crucial as your collection of video content grows. Google will need some help crawling and indexing all of your videos so why not show them exactly where everything is with a video sitemap. You can get a WordPress plugin which will do it for you or you can read Google’s Video Sitemap Guide and make one yourself.

Get people involved and engaged with your video. Don’t just put a video up and wait for people to watch it. Make the video shareable with social media icons on your video pages. Also very important make sure the video is embeddable so people who find it useful or interesting can re-post your video and pass links back to your site. Lastly make sure you have somewhere that people can comment on your video. Comments are a great way to keep people coming back to see if anyone has replied to their wittyness.

Do you need help implementing your awesome video content in an effective way? Maybe you have videos already posted but they aren’t performing the way you would like them to. Contact Wikimotive for a free evaluation of your site and SEO strategies including your videos. We will help you focus your efforts and get more out of your site.

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