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To say that content is king is becoming trite. People have been spitting it as dogma for so long that it’s turning into white noise. This is a dangerous thing, because quality content is becoming more valuable every day, especially on important places like landing pages. In fact, let us go over some landing page content tips so that your Business and SEO efforts don’t take a hit.

I’m not going to cover design elements here, but you can find that plenty of other places. I want to focus on the copy on your landing page and how to make sure it’s not getting you in trouble. When it comes to landing page content, here are two things you should be double checking:

Keyword Stuffing: Landing pages need to have keywords as a rule, but resist the urge to saturate them. Google is good enough (and has been for awhile now) to tell when you are writing inorganically just to get as many keywords as possible. There is simply a law of diminishing returns. Instead, work on writing interesting copy with the keywords woven throughout. As a rule of thumb, if you can read it without it sounding awkward, you’re doing okay.

Duplicate Content: With the most recent updates coming into 2013, duplicate content got slammed. I see a lot of landing pages, especially from dealers, just copy and paste OEM material. If you keep doing that, you’re going to start loosing ground. Instead, use best practices (like blockquotes and a link) to cite the OEM material, and then add your personal dealership’s flair.

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