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The new MySpace is in the testing phases as we speak. People are exploring in the wilderness of Beta-version social media, but are they liking what they find? It it something you and your Digital Marketing Company should be paying much attention to?

So far, the outlook is fairly bleak. Our limited time playing with the new network showed a lot of fun, glitzy features, but are they enough to make people abandon ship from their current social networks? The interesting part is that the new MySpace combines the best features of other sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and others, and tries to mesh them all together. This is a solid idea on paper, but in practice it’s confusing and borderline redundant. Unless MySpace is able to make something special happen when it’s suddenly open to the public, their second coming will be very short lived.

Here’s our favorite review from someone who got to spend a full couple days exploring the new MySpace:

 There’s too much to do on the New MySpace It’s a chintzy web carnival. Spotify-style music streaming, YouTube-style video streaming, pseudo-tweets, a Faux Facebook News Feed, all swirled together. But unlike the services it copies and attempts to blend, there’s no clear way to use New MySpace. It goes in too many directions at once. When you sit down in front of it for the first time, you’re lost…unless you’re some sort of necrophile. New MySpace offers nothing but a brief “Huh, this still exists” moment of perverse gawking. If you want the friend stuff, keep using Facebook. If you want the music stuff, use Spotify or Rdio. It’s just not any better than what you already have. Not even close.   – Sam Biddle

Other reviews have some more positive things to say, but none of the appraisals are really what you’d call glowing. Personally, I believe that even if MySpace is every inch as good as Facebook it won’t be enough to cause a major user shift. No, for MySpace to take any substantial portion of the Facebook user base, it needs to be lightyears ahead, and I’m just not sure that it’s there yet.

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