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The reality of being an SEO company is that your life revolves around data. Successful SEO means gathering all the information possible into a great big pool and then pulling a Scrooge McDuck into it. That may seem excessive, but any little number, any single digit, any stray array, can mean the difference between you ranking on page 1 or page 10. So if you care about your  Business SEO, you should be a data fiend. 

The newest bit of interesting data is the comScore for March.  In case you aren’t familiar with comScore, they’re an internet analytics company that provides marketing data and analytics for smart marketers the world over. They measure search engine use as a percent, so you can see in a glance which search engines are the most successful.

So lets take a look at the search engine numbers for March:

comScore March Business SEO


As you can see, there aren’t a lot of surprises this month. Google is still absolutely dominating the pack with 67.1 percent. They did drop a little since February, but when you’re several times bigger than your nearest competitor, you can drop .4 percent without freaking out.

The other engines aren’t really worth discussing, except for Bing. Microsoft’s baby is still growing, albeit slowly, and this month they hit their highest number to date with 16.9 percent of all searches. Clearly they still aren’t in the same realm as Google, but Bing is worth paying attention to.

There is one other interesting fact to come out of this month’s comScore data: there were 20.4 BILLION searches performed on desktops in March. This is the highest number on record, and it doesn’t include any searches from phones or tablets. I know some of you are concerned that mobile is the future and desktop search is dying, so that number (and the fact that it’s still climbing) should set your mind at east.

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