Nothing but Pandas all the Way Down

Posted on by Daniel Hinds
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There has been news of a new Panda update floating around for a few days, and now we’re finally getting some hard news. It looks like SEO agencies are in for another monumental shift, courtesy of Google and their elite team of trained Pandas.

The last big Google Panda update will be hitting any day now (rumor says Monday at the latest) and then the terror of rank-obliterating Panda updates will subside…kind of. According the the revered Matt Cutts, Panda is going to become part of Google’s real time algorithm. This means that instead of getting a huge Panda update every few months, we’ll get tiny ones every single day.

This sounds scary at first, but more Panda updates is actually better for anyone trying to perform SEO. Sure, you’ll get hit faster when you do something wrong, but the hit won’t be nearly as hard as it used to be. Think of it like this, with Panda updating every couple of months, when you got hit, you got months of penalties all at once. Now that Panda is part of the daily algorithm, you’ll know much quicker if you’re heading down the wrong path and need to throw it into reverse.

Some people are claiming they’re already feeling the results of the final big Panda update, but nothing is confirmed yet. Tune in early next week for a comprehensive look at what kind of damage this final Panda update ends up doing!

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