Facebook’s Newest Round of Changes

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Facebook is about to unleash it’s newest update, and now is the time for the savy small business SEO company to get into the game. SEO and social are fully intertwined now, and Facebook is so large that a Facebook overhall may as well be an SEO overhall. Check out the example of their new design after the break.


Wikimotive New Facebook Preview


The changes here are pretty noticeable. You have a bigger, cleaner area for the news feed, and a much more prominently displayed “About” section.Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis onto the About section with this update, and it’s no big mystery as to why.

They want more data!

This is only good for marketers. Sure, we will also love being able to share bigger pictures and crisper content, but the data is where the real gold rests. Once the About sections are featured, users will be compelled to fill them in. In fact, Facebook is already encouraging users to start adding all of their favorite books, movies, shows and even services like Netflix. All of this data will be hooked directly into the Graph Search, and suddenly marketers will have one of the most powerful targeting tools in existence, making Facebook one of the most valuable marketing tools in existence.

Is that overstating it? Maybe, but not by much.

Look at it this way, how much would our marketing forefathers have paid to be able to create an ad that can target someone down to their age, relationship status, favorite movie, and geographic location? Well, Facebook could do all that before this update, and it’s only going to get more powerful. If you can’t find a way to utilize Facebook‘s data for your business, you just aren’t trying hard enough!

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