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Successful marketing requires the ability to track and analyze and deduce, it’s what makes the industry exciting. Businesses are always clamoring for more analytics tools from the services they use, and now Pinterest is delivering an interesting new tool, sure to be a boon for any SEO company smart enough to invest in social media.

The new tool is called Pinterest Web Analytics, and it allows people who have verified business websites on their profile to track things such as repins, pin views, visitors, and clicks. This allows businesses to easily see which content is falling flat and which content is really succeeding with their fanbase. Armed with this information, there is no reason you can’t have a lot more success with your pinning efforts!

“Bloggers, businesses, and organizations often ask us, ‘What are people pinning from my websites?'” Pinterest Software Engineer Tao Tao writes in a blog post announcing the tool. “These website owners help create the content on Pinterest and we wanted to help them understand which pieces of content people find most interesting.”

To start using Pinterest analytics, all you need to do is follow these quick four steps.

  1.  Ensure you have a verified website
  2.  Hover over your “Profile” menu and select “Switch to the New Look”
  3. Go to the top right menu and select “Analytics”
  4.  Profit!!!!

So go ahead any try out the new analytics tool. It may not be as powerful as Facebook’s, but it’s a big step in the right direction. We can only hope that social media sites continue to give us the analytics data that allows us to tailor our content to what people like, making the social experience more pleasant for everyone!

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