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Matt Cutts and the SEO community have a kind of love hate relationship. He is one of the few people who is truly in the know about Google’s search algorithms, so we love when he gives us information and answers our questions on the Google Webmasters videos. On the other hand, he feels the need to protect his sacred algorithms, so his answers are frequently wishy-washy and hidden in a flood of non-committal double-talk. How do you cut through the chaff and get right to that sweet, sweet wheat? Let us here at Wikimotive show you an awesome shortcut that gets you the real info from Matt’s videos about your business SEO.

The best way to parse through the Matt Cutt videos is just to watch them yourself, I mean, they are only 3 minutes a piece. Still, if your busy schedule doesn’t allow for that, the second best option is reading The Short Cutts.

The Short Cutts are exactly what they sound like. These guys watched EVERY SINGLE VIDEO by Matt Cutts and condensed them into the one sentence of actual useful information. They update it regularly and it’s currently completely up to date. You may think they are being glib when they shorten a 3 minute Cutts’ to the one word answer, “Yes,” but usually they’re pretty spot on.

We still recommend you watch the new videos as they’re released, but this is a great way to catch up on all the old ones you’ve missed. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


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