Social Media’s Role In The 2012 Summer Olympics

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Social Media will be playing a large role in this years 2012 Summer Olympics. During the last Summer Olympics in 2008 most of the major social media sites were still just getting started, and internet users have increased from 23% to about one third of the total world population. This year at the Olympics Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter will be running the show.

Recently an article on Mashable made an interesting comparison between the status of the top social media sites back in 2008 and where they currently stand now. In terms of users functionality and growth they’ve all come a very long way in juts 4 years and we now have a few large ones that weren’t even around in 2008 like Google+ and Pinterest. Surely social media marketing will be a very big factor in during this years Olympics and while many people will be tweeting about the action and sharing on Facebook others have already started scamming.

Apparently there have already been reports of phishing and ticket scams on some social media sites and users should be wary of alerts with links that seem to come from these sites. Luckily you can go to the official site for the 2012 Olympics at and verify the authenticity of your tickets with their “ticket checker.”

How do you plan on using social media during the 2012 Summer Olympics?

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