Why should I post blogs to Facebook?

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Posted on by Zach Billings
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Blogposts in your store’s website should be a cornerstone of your SEO strategy. But what are you doing to leverage those blogs on Facebook?

What does posting a blog to Facebook do for me?

We refer to this as “social syndication”, and it’s a very important way of being able to accelerate the rate of climb for an SEO initiative as a whole. It won’t make-or-break an SEO solution as a whole, but it will attract attention to the content on your site faster.

What content should I be syndicating on social platforms?

Blog articles, landing pages, any content on your site which is (i) easily consumable, and (ii) less sales-oriented should be syndicated to your Facebook page, to other social media profiles that you may curate, and it should link back to the page in question.

What is the objective of social syndication?

The objective of doing this is to get social signals (ie: likes, comments, shares, etc.) which Google can see and, in turn, assign a degree of quality to. And moreover, the objective is to get click-through to that content. We want people to land on the blog (or on the page) and to spend a little bit of time reading through it.

If you’ve done a good job of writing a long form unique consumer-centric page or blog article, it should be very consumable; and the person who clicks should see a similar experience to what they were expecting on that page, which will create “stickiness”. It’ll get them to stay on the page, scroll through it, and then – even if they click back, even if the bounce rate on your blog article is 100% – Google still saw the scroll-depth and time on site and still associates quality with that “stickiness”. That quality then passes on organic signals to your domain as a whole; to that blog article, and to anywhere that is linking, which should presumably be landing pages, SRPs and tactical locations on your website.