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Why You Should Never Delete or Ignore Negative Online Reviews

As a business owner it is hard to fathom that anyone would say anything negative about your business. Yet negative online reviews still occur, and in most cases they cannot be prevented. These instances can make it difficult to control our natural impulse to feel hurt or angered, as we are all passionate about what we do and in the service […]

New Bill Supports User Privacy On Facebook

A new bill proposed by New York and Illinois Democrats Eliot Engel and Jan Schakowsky will change the way employers use Facebook when searching for new employees. The bill is known as the “Social Networking Online Protection Act” or SNOPA and it addresses the growing practice of pre-employment Facebook screenings, intending to make the practice itself illegal. Many employers have […]

Google Is Officially The Social Platform For The Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention will convene in Tampa Florida from August 27-30. During that time they have chosen Google to be their “official social platform and live stream provider.” Google will provide coverage of RNC events, programs and interviews via Google+ and YouTube. This should have a major impact for the GOP online reputation management.

10 Things To Keep In Mind For A Successful Blog

Blogging is a crucial part of a well rounded online marketing and Auto SEO strategy. Creating a successful blog is hard work but the benefits can be huge. So how do you make sure that your blog is successful? Here are 10 basic tips to keep you on the right track.

When Reputation Does Not Matter

Since we’re just about to approach the height of the reputation management craze I figure now is an excellent time to talk about what happens when it doesn’t matter again. Or will it? Recently, I blogged about my stay at The Union Bluff hotel in York Beach, Maine which was somewhat sub par. This particular stay made me think, though. […]