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Lindsey Stone Inspires Facebook Rage With Distasteful Arlington National Cemetary Photo

Over the last couple of days, a major controversy has been brewing regarding a specific Facebook post made by a woman by the name of Lindsey Stone, and the online reputation management of the company that employs her. If you haven’t heard this story yet, no doubt you will soon find it hard to ignore. […] Read More

New Bill Supports User Privacy On Facebook

A new bill proposed by New York and Illinois Democrats Eliot Engel and Jan Schakowsky will change the way employers use Facebook when searching for new employees. The bill is known as the “Social Networking Online Protection Act” or SNOPA and it addresses the growing practice of pre-employment Facebook screenings, intending to make the practice […] Read More

Google Is Officially The Social Platform For The Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention will convene in Tampa Florida from August 27-30. During that time they have chosen Google to be their “official social platform and live stream provider.” Google will provide coverage of RNC events, programs and interviews via Google+ and YouTube. This should have a major impact for the GOP online reputation management.

What Does Your Klout Score Really Say About You?

A recent study about digital influence suggests that Klout and other social media measurement tools aren’t entirely accurate with their ratings. Sites like these often claim to measure your influence in the realm of social media but what exactly does digital influence even mean? Brian Solis, author of the Altimeter Group Report, says these online […] Read More

OmniTouch, a Keyboard in the Palm of Your Hand

Internet marketing has been a rapidly growing field since the turn on the century. The internet has the power to reach an unending number of potential viewers. With Smartphone technology the number of people that internet marketing reaches has grown even more as well as the fact that it reaches most people instantaneously. It is […] Read More

NewFacebook Marketing – We Begin Again

Just When You Thought You’d Figured It Out… I’m not going to lie, I had fun sharing the 7 Ways to Kill the Newsticker story and playing to the massive crowd of those of you who HATE the “NewFacebook”. The truth is, I actually like it. And while I knew we had only seen a […] Read More

Grading the Better Business Bureau

Is the BBB a consumer watchdog or a toothless lapdog? What’s really behind those charges that businesses have to pay to play? Long considered an impartial arbiter of who’s scamming whom (and who’s not), the Better Business Bureau—a “federated association” of locally run bureaus—has been facing questions lately about its very mission. Among them: • […] Read More

ORM – The 2011 Trend

Online Reputation Management Will You Ride The Wave? Each year industry professionals pontificate from the pulpit their version of the new year’s paradigm shift. They bet on what the next wave – the next BIG THING will be. What automotive internet managers and digital marketing directors need to take into account is that, like most […] Read More

What makes a great Digital Marketing Company?

Top Gun – The “elite” best of the best Each year it seems like hundreds of new digital marketing companies spring up and then disappear. As business owners or internet managers or marketing directors, we see hundreds even thousands of e-mails in our inboxes and solicitations on LinkedIn each day promising everything from “Top Google […] Read More

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