Google Launches Webmaster Academy For Beginner Webmasters

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Google just recently launched a new awesome service through Webmaster Tools for learning how to make a site that preforms well in Google search results. It’s called Webmaster Academy and it’s a comprehensive guide on how to make your website great and covers everything from how to use Webmaster tools to creating and syndicating content through social media. This guide could definitely help beginners make a better small business SEO strategy.

Webmaster Academy works like a big check list, there are three different sections and each has a number of titles with check boxes next to them. Underneath each title you can click on the read more link and it will expand showing you best practices and guidelines, as well as instructions for implementation for each topic. There are generally even more links within this content if you want to learn even more about a given topic.

Once you’re done reading about and implementing a strategy for each topic you check off the box and the idea is that at the end you have a website that is as optimized for Google as they come. Even if you think you’re an SEO god you should probably take a look at Webmaster Academy, there are plenty of things to learn here.

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