How Do I Get My Name to Display on Google Maps?

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Posted on by Zach Billings
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Your dealership’s name isn’t showing up on Google Maps?

That’s a problem. Here’s the solution…

Getting your name to display on Google Maps can be complicated.

It mostly has to do whether or not your GBP (Google Business Profile) is able to rank for the keyword that was entered. For example, if someone searches for your dealership by name, you should naturally show up by name on Google Maps. Makes sense, right?

But what if you are Ford dealer, and someone searches ‘Ford dealer near me’? If your GBP is well-optimized for that particular search query and it’s able to show up prominently in the sidebar then it’s likely to extend to the Map Pack, as well. The same applies to any keyword, or search query built around it.

Bottom-line, if your GBP is optimized for that keyword, you’ll stand a greater chance of showing up in the Map Pack for any relevant local searches.