Do preorder pages help my dealership?

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Posted on by Zach Billings
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Do we recommend pre-order pages?

Absolutely, but don’t think that you can do much in the way of search engine optimization for it.

We have a lot of clients who have approached us about this, and we’ve helped most of our dealers with the creation of robust pre-order pages with good FAQ, clear calls to action, and resources throughout the website to help squeeze people to a pre-order page. That being said, consumers are not by and large searching around “how to pre-order a car”. There is an increase in propensity for that, but it’s not significant enough to where it really makes sense to allocate your search engine optimization resources that way.

So, my recommendation would be:

1. Create a pre-order page.
2. Make sure it’s clean, simple, straightforward with obvious calls to action, and…
3. Make sure that you’ve introduced some kind of an incentive for somebody to convert, whether it’s monetary or some kind of a value ad.