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Repeat Offenders Get Hard Time

At this point, everyone understands that Google will penalize sites that are using spammy techniques. If you’re buying links, creating strange and unnatural link profiles, or gaming the system in other ways, you’ll get the mighty Google hammer brought down upon you. In most of these cases, it’s possible to reverse the damage. With a lot of hard work and […]

The Dangers of Content Stitching

Today we have another interesting bit of content news from the immortal Matt Cutts (may Google bless his name). In the latest installment of the Google Webmaster Video series, Matt talks about content stitching. If you’ve never heard of that, don’t worry, because you’ve definitely seen it. Content stitching is the practice of taking snippets of content from other websites […]

Commenting Without Spamming

Commenting has been a big part of SEO for awhile now. That’s not to say it’s a good part (it’s not) but it’s very popular, far more popular than it should be. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of running a blog has gotten comments along the lines of, “wow great content, I feel very  enlightened by what you […]

Google’s Gibberish Patent

Google is cracking down on gibberish. Not the fake language you used with your friends in middle school, but the nonsensical writing you find all over the web as people try and fill out their pages with lots and lots of content. Of course, experts will tell you that you need quality content for SEO (and they’re right) but that motto of […]

New Manual Action Penalty

Earlier this year we wrote about manual actions rolling out in Google’s Webmaster tools. Basically, these manual actions were notices that a website had been penalized, usually for SEO reasons, and alerted the administrator of the problem, as well as the steps needed to fix it. Since the introduction, it’s been pretty quiet, but this week Google rolled out a […]

Responsive Design for SEO?

Mobile is huge, we’ve talked about that a lot recently, but optimizing your site for mobile can be a correspondingly huge amount of work. You have to tweak all of your existing elements to make sure they display properly, and you have to check it across a variety of devices. The workaround for this has been to get a responsive […]

Hummingbird Infographics

  The Google Hummingbird update has remained a mystery to many. It’s different than Penguin or Panda, and the scope of it is a lot bigger, so people aren’t sure exactly how to approach it. We don’t blame them either. It hasn’t been fully explained and people just don’t have the time to dedicate to doing all of the SEO […]

When Will PageRank Update?

When Will PageRank Update?

Yesterday we talked a little about Google PageRank, and that got us wondering, when was the last time that it had actually been updated? Historically, it’s been updated every few months, but as Matt Cutts said yesterday, Google is going to be updating it less and less. It turns out, we are already in the middle of an historic PageRank […]

Penguin, Panda, and now…Hummingbird

We’ve grown accustomed to Google updating parts of their algorithms they use for search. So far in 2013, we’ve seen tweaks to Penguin and Panda that have affected massive parts of the population…but we haven’t seen anything yet. Now, Google is rolling out Hummingbird, which represents a much larger change. The easiest way to think of it is that Penguin […]