Sam Harrington Technical SEO Specialist at Wikimotive

Sam Harrington

Technical SEO Specialist

Team Member Bio

Meet Sam, a car enthusiast, beer enthusiast, aspiring race car driver (not necessarily in that order) closet video game and anime nerd. Testing the boundaries of how much a person can be both Right and Left-Brain Dominant, Sam balances excellence in technical SEO with next-level creativity. In addition to working professionally with such recognizable brands as Harley-Davidson, Dunkin Donuts, Special Olympics and AAA Insurance, Sam also makes her contributions felt locally, taking pride in her artwork’s inclusion in the ‘Beauty Manchester” (NH) project.

An avid traveler, Sam has lived abroad in both South Africa and London. She considers herself an aficionado of mysteries (and miscellaneous ‘creepy stuff’) and describes herself as “crafty” (if she sees something and thinks she can make it herself, she will). When not ping-ponging between diametrically opposed lobes, Sam enjoys a black-clad life with her husband Jay, and their cat Sabbath.