Tim Martell CEO & Founder of Wikimotive

Tim Martell

CEO and Founder

Water below 70 degrees F, should be contained in a glass for drinking.

Team Member Bio

Known globally as the ‘SEO Animal’ (and in parts of Mexico as ‘El Bebedor de Muchas Pina Coladas’) Tim Martell is the Best-Selling author of ‘Unfair Advantage’ and a marketing expert highly sought-out by both industry leaders and the media. Even more importantly, he is the proud father of four daughters. Pushing the boundaries of conventional automotive thinking, Tim’s innovative SEO and social media campaigns have resulted in record ROI, generating both unparalleled traffic and leads for his dealer clients. While you may have seen Tim appearing on MSNBC or Dateline, or addressing automotive conferences such as the DMSC, AMBC and Driving Sales Executive Summits, he’s equally at-home on sandy beaches, or at sea (with the aforementioned Pina Colada in-hand). Nice work if you can get it, but that’s the reward when you grind harder than most. Tim’s a 24/7 guy and loves what he does; and by mentoring the most clever and creative talent in order to build the best team in the business, he makes sure that there are always enough Pina Coladas for everyone. To learn more about Timothy Martell and Wikimotive and to find out how to receive a free digital marketing evaluation visit wikimotive.com or call toll free (888) 975-9454.